Simple User Friendly Personal Management Software. Detailed View of your datas by Flowcharts and Diagrams.Easy to feed and Easy to Get Datas...


Personal Diary

Record and refer all personal, official, educational, career, family and password details securely.Manage your diaries and write personal journals securely and safelyAll personal details can be stored like job, education, career history, family details, password and document details with search option in category wise and daily leave can be maintained and can be searched according to year and date.


Contact creation includes name, address, phone number, fax, email, web address, title, etc. Contacts can be categorized to different groups like My College, Neighbors, Relatives etc and these contacts can be moved from one group to another. These contacts can be searched in category wise or by name, place or phone number. The contacts can be integrated to and from the contact table of Microsoft outlook. The email can be send to particular person through personal manager.


Albums can be created in various categories. We can add multiple items to album at same time. Albums can be searched based on category like date etc.


Easily create your shopping list, and send it your friends and relatives through mails.


All medical details, illness or injury list status of BP, sugar measurments can be recorded, also we can set reminder for next consulting dates.Medical status details like BP, sugar measurements can be maintained New health categories like BP, sugar can be generated and its measurements can be saved. Currently using medicine and illness or injury details can be maintained and reminder can be set for next consulting date.


Monthly calendar available and events can be saved for the date which gets displayed. The events can be categorized into different groups and reminder can be set for each events. The events of different category are differentiated by different color. The events can be searched according to the date, month or year selected.


Password generator tols is an added feature, there is direct Google search option while using the software and also multiple persons in a single family can create their own perosnal manager in the same system.

Association Details

Manage club details, activities and financial aspects


The daily tasks of a person can be organized and can be categorized into different groups. For each task reminder and priority can be given. The tasks which are not completed within the due date are shown highlighted. Different search option are available, the list of tasks which are completed, not completed and active tasks can be viewed separately.


We can add notes and it can be categorized according to color and date. The notes of last seven days seen on the active page and previous can be viewed using search option according to date.


Manage your bank and bank account, credit cards, pocket cash details separately Tally with other modules like share, loan, accounting etc. Account balance can be viewed and exported.


Manage daily Expense details and can be done for different categories. The budget can be searched based on year, month, and group by income and expense etc. The accounting module shows a chart with total monthly income and expenses for the selected year, this makes financial management easy. Comparison of budget in Chart is tallied with share, loan etc.


Users can add his/her different vehicles details and search vehicles by name, category like petrol, diesel or goods vehicle etc. User’s daily vehicle details including fuel expense, its maintenance and service details can be saved.


User can add Travel agencies details their best travel package and their facilities under which he/she is traveling, they can also add source, destination, date, carrying items etc. By using this user can compare the travel agencies. And can select the best travel agency for the next travel.


Manage different types of assets with taxable or non-taxable and earning types also. Different search option are available i.e. by asset type, by taxable and by status i.e. earning or non-earning or sold


Budget Management for the user and it can be created in various categories. The budget can be searched based on year, month, and group by income and expense etc. This module provides several reports that can be viewed or printed. The budget module shows a chart with total monthly income and expenses for the selected year budget which is done automatically. This will make finance easy to understand.